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You’ll find skilled practitioners and state-of-the-art medical technology at Gilead Primary Care North in Columbus, Ohio. More importantly, you’ll receive a unique approach to health and wellness; one that strives to create lasting partnerships between providers and patients that positively impacts every aspect of your life.

Patients are more than just a collection of symptoms, which is why the Gilead Primary Care team offers customized treatment plans. From the time you first schedule your appointment until you leave the office, they treat you like a valued part of the practice’s family.

Gilead Primary Care North is a health and wellness center with a holistic approach, meaning that they attend to mind, body, and spirit. This practice philosophy has drawn some of the best health care providers in the region, including nurse practitioners, medical assistants, support staff, and an excellent supervising physician.

Services at Gilead Primary Care North consist of men’s and women’s health, disease treatment and management, routine physical exams, and specialty exams for school, sports, or work. Your provider helps you reach and sustain your personal health and wellness goals by establishing a trustworthy partnership, no matter your stage of life.

Gilead Primary Care North
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